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    Short Glimpse on Guidewire Jutro (Simplified Design System for GW)


    Guidewire JutroJutro (Pronounced YOO-TRO)

    Design Systems: – The design systems are a set of a collection of UI elements that build up the industry standard and can be reused across applications.

    A good design system provides a library of components that are easily configurable at the guidewire. Here is one such design system called JUTRO.

    Jutro is Guidewire’s design system and UI framework. It empowers designers and developers in P&C insurance to build usable, engaging, and configurable insurance applications.

    It is a design system and UI framework that has enabled us to build a new generation of P&C experiences efficiently.

    It comes with a toolkit that consists of a GW documentation site, which provides guidelines and a set of best practices that are rooted in user research as well as reusable code elements that are accessible from the storybook.

    Storybook is UI Explorer that enables us to examine off-the-shelf Jutro components and their properties play with their configurations and obtain presentation metadata for use in our application code.

    The Jutro design system has 4 building blocks

    1. Components

    Components are the smallest building blocks that make up an application page such as buttons form fields checkboxes and cards.

    1. Composite Components

    Composite Components are a simple grouping of two or more components which can be reused through the application.

    1. Business Patterns

    Business Patterns take these components and combine them to solve their recurrent username such as making a payment adding a vehicle or perhaps adding a home.

    1. Floorplans

    Floorplans are a prebuilt structures/templates that provide a static header, footer, and navigation across the application.

    Guidewire Jutro
    Last but certainly not least Jutro consists of UI foundations that are integral to creating inconsistent engaging solutions across the Guidewire cloud platform. This includes guidance on Iconography, Typography, and floor plans which is the layout system for Jutro.


    Guidewire makes use of a third-party design tool that offers designers the flexibility to design user interfaces called Sketch.

    The Jutro Symbol Library for Sketch contains the available elements you can use to build out your user interface, so you can quickly create and share the design with stakeholders and collaborate, review, and revise your design.

    Guidewire provides Jutro Symbol Library for Sketch to take advantage of components, composite components, business patterns, and floorplans to speed design and development.


    As Jutro is both a design system and UI framework it provides a design and development toolkit usage guidelines and a holistic mechanism to build applications specifically geared for P&C insurance

    With Jutro you will be able to create products at scale and speed by streamlining work efforts which enables designers and developers to tackle complex problems.

    More about Guidewire Jutro:

    Author Bio: Sravan Nakka

    Sravan Nakka is a Senior Guidewire Developer with 11 years of experience in the industry and 6+ years of relevant experience in GW software implementation. Worked across multiple US Insurance Clients and being a part of those crucial implementation right from the inception phase. He is a GW Specialist Certified and AINS 21 Certified as well.

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