Guidewire connection 2021 is a great opportunity to meet top industry thought leaders and hear from those leading the innovation and transformation in the Insurance industry.

Sushil – our CEO and Seema who leads Insurance Projects will be at hand to discuss your technology challenges.

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Migrations from legacy (mainframe) to Guidewire framework is the core competency of FECUND Guidewire's team. Additionally, the team completed version upgrades from v7-v10, v8-10, and v9-v10 for PC BC CC

Claim Experience

In order to provide a great customer experience, an insurance professional with an integrated environment for sharing information, identifying process improvement opportunities, and sharing best practices, our team is supporting their insurance solution.


Enhance functional productivity through automation across endorsing, strategy organization, charging, as well as executive measures.

Enterprise Capabilities

Identify a solution that can encompass the client's different business lines under one box. Different aspects of the business are served by the same box, such as PC-BC-CC, data analytics, etc.

Rapid Product Portfolio Expansion

The team has delivered the solution to several European clients to launch several products very short time-span. As a result, the carrier became more competitive in the market.

Serving Multiple Distribution Channels and Jurisdictions

Our team has experience improving customer experience while reducing operational expenses and controlling cost per transaction through more efficient real-time business processes. In order to serve multiple channels and jurisdictions, the team helped the client achieve flexibility.

Integrate Third Party

Support the insurance company's integration with various 3rd party software such as ISOs, MVRs, and documents, etc.


Easy implementation of various GW Accelerators, GW portals and execution of all the core services.

Custom Solution

Our team designs and develops a custom solution to support insurers in providing a personalized experience to their customers.

Our Services

PolicyCenter Services

We help P&C insurers to improve their policy administration functions and get benefits from digital technology and transformation.

BillingCenter Services

We help insurers to enhance revenues and relationships with policyholders, while policyholders are supported to pay conveniently.

ClaimCenter Services

We enhance your P&C insurance processes for faster claim resolution, service excellence, and innovation

Why FECUND Guidewire Services?

The insurance industry is diversifying its products and services, as the demands are escalating every day. It shoots up the challenge for the insurers to maintain a sustainable business model. To succeed in the competition, insurers need to find ways to stay a step ahead. FECUND is one of the leading insurance IT professional service providers that support P&C insurers to transform into digital businesses.

Expectations from new generations of consumers and decision-makers raised insurance competition. To secure a competitive advantage, reinventing a customer-centric business with digital and data sovereignty, you need an IT partner with deep insurance expertise. We help P&C insurers to transform their business with disruptive technology. Our team consists of senior-level experts with a wide range of project experience and focus on providing a high-quality business strategy, better customer experience, seamless operation system, increasing profitability, and support at all stages of the journey.



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