Fecund provides software development and IT consultancy services to companies in a variety of industries, with the Insurance domain – P&C and Life Insurance as our forte.

The word Fecund is derived from Latin word fecundus, which means intellectually productive and that is our motto – we believe in acting as a catalyst for our client’s IT projects. Our team features all senior members with extensive experience who bring unmatchable quality.

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Fecund started with the idea of bridging the gap between skillful & experienced resources and clients/companies. Fecund identifies that the biggest issue for which the IT outsourcing industry is taking a hit today, is the lack of transparency between client and vendor. A difference can be seen in the promises the vendor makes regarding the skill set and experience of a resource while winning a project versus what’s actually been provided to the client, which ultimately results in lack of confidence in the outsourcing sector altogether.

We understand the negative impact this approach makes on our client’s initiatives and believe in building a trustworthy and transparent relationship with our clients by always providing them with our best experienced talent every time.


Be synonymous with quality,

excellence and values


Best not Biggest –
Striving to maintain an elite partner status with our customers.

Hire and retain the most talented professionals and inculcate a sense of belonging in them.

Bring significant change to the current “Demand vs. Supply” scenario in the IT spectrum.

Build and maintain a loyal client base.


Human is the capital – An organization is because of its people; period!

Respect the customer’s business commitment.

Transparency in business.


We are committed to Excellence and believe in supporting our customers as partners and not vendors. Our customers appreciate the difference we bring to the solutions and services we provide with our expertise as well as our attitude towards the partnership that reflects in our association, which is the average of 4 + years and counting…

We value the impact your business makes and aim to act as a Catalyst in bringing your products faster to the market. We partner with you with a long-term perspective and routinely make the extra efforts to meet our client’s targets and exceed their expectations in an IT service provider.


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We have an open culture at Fecund, we help our team members grow in their current roles and dream about what’s next. As a company, we value the importance of family and hence, our employee’s personal life and support them in becoming the best of both the worlds.

As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we’re cultivating an equitable and empathetic workplace, and a listening and learning culture.

We invest in our employees for learning new skills.

Learn more about the facilities we provide to our employees to help them flourish.


Our team mostly consists of senior members providing the combined experience of 25+ years. Our employees are our greatest asset – their skills, ideas and drive to succeed make it possible for us to deliver consistently good value to our clients. Also, as a privately owned, founder-led company, we’re able to work fast and respond to our customers’ needs without anything getting in our way.

We are always looking for dynamic and learned people to join us. Learn more about our current vacancies.

Sushil Deshmukh

Sushil Deshmukh

Sushil started Fecund with the vision of bridging the gap in the IT industry between companies and skillful & talented resources.

Sushil Deshmukh | CEO
Pavan Dhananka

Pavan Dhananka

21+ years of techno commercial experience in UN organizations, FMCG, pharma and insurance domains.

Pavan Dhananka | Director, Fecund EU
Chandrakant Mardhekar

Chandrakant Mardhekar

Popularly known as ‘bond’ he is the bond when it comes to Java & middle tier programming in insurance products.

Chandrakant M | Solution Architect
Md R Al Amin

Md R Al Amin

The GuideWire Architech who have leadership quality and shows dedication towards his work.

Md R Al Amin | Guidewire Architect
Vishwanath Gadiganurmath

Vishwanath Gadiganurmath

With more than 15 years in the information technology industry of which more than 10 years in the US Property and Casualty insurance domain..

Vishwanath G | SDM
Varun Rathi

Varun Rathi

Varun is an AINS 21 (Property and Liability Insurance) certified developer with experience in Software Application Development.

Varun Rathi | Software Engineer
Dinesh Kumar Jaiswal

Dinesh Kumar Jaiswal

Dinesh brings his strategic focus, Product Solution and Product configuration expertise in P&C Insurance gained through 15 years...

Dinesh Kumar Jaiswal | Solution Architect
Monika Charaya

Monika Charaya

Monika is heading the team of BA and QA with 11 years of experience in different phases of STLC...

Monika Charaya | Senior Business Analyst
Tanushree Mithal

Tanushree Mithal

Tanushree has over 11 years of experience in PL/SQL and OneShield designer development...

Tanushree Mithal | Technical Specialist
Ravindra Fulmamdikar

Ravindra Fulmamdikar

Ravi has 16 years of experience in IT Industry delivering high profile and critical projects..

Ravindra Fulmamdikar | VP Operations
Seema Verma

Seema Verma

Seema brings her strong technical and functional knowledge, expertise in IT and Insurance industry gained through 13 years...

Seema Verma | Senior Technical Analyst
Preeti Hiwrale

Preeti Hiwrale

Preeti's expertise lies in insurance product implementation using Dragon Designer and Pl/SQL ...

Preeti Hiwrale |Technical Specialist