Data Security

There is no denying that data is an integral part of any organization and specifically in the Insurance domain, where the business deals with a lot of sensitive and confidential data, loss/ exposure of which can even cause legal actions. This makes incorporating a reliable and effective data security service, along with the right expertise to ensure end-to-end security, very crucial.

At Fecund, we have expertise in Data Masking which will help you incorporate a risk- balanced strategy to safeguard your organization’s critical and confidential data. Our consulting and integration services, can help you in optimizing control over your data.

Here’s how we can help you:

Static Data Masking

It secures sensitive data in development and testing environments. It eliminates the possibility to reverse engineer the masked data or access the original sensitive records.

Dynamic Data Masking

Fecund offers services in dynamic data masking to enable organizations to replace sensitive data within an application in real time while the data is created on the end device. While the application remains fully functional using the masked, fictitious data.

For example, if a social insurance number in a database is masked, it still conforms to the look-up validation of the data field and the database can continue to operate as expected.