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    Insurance digital-first interactions impact positively more than agent interactions.


    Digital-first interactions positively impact customer engagement and retention, more than agent interactions.
    Often, we get to hear that the first impressions last a lifetime. This means everyone is vying for improved ways for instant attention. At the same time, people, at the other end, are making snap judgments in, as little as, 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about an individual. The insurance business is no different.
    First impressions are less likely to be formed with human interaction. They are likely to happen on a computer or mobile screens. Way before connecting with the agents in the real world, people are using the web to get to know you, your business and making decisions about it. It is greatly influenced by the reviews, website, comments, and feedback about your brand on the web.

    Surprisingly, many insurers continue to treat their online platform as a “nice-to-have, but not-a-must.” This is causing long-term damage to the brand. It may cause an unimaginable loss to the business in the future.

    It is mandatory for insurers to understand that the world is going digital, rapidly. By looking at the advantages of the digital space, taking steps in accordance with the business needs will keep the insurance business a step ahead in the market.

    Creating the first impression isn’t as easy as it seems. It involves lots of things. Insurance businesses need to catch up with the changing customer environment.

    Digital impression includes the following points
    1. Understanding the business requirement
    2. Understanding the customer needs
    3. Aligning the requirements together
    4. The tone of the Content
    5. Easy to use UI (User-Interface)
    6. Smooth UX (User-Experience)

    Fecund experts have shared a few points to create a great first impression.

    1. Agile Approach:

    As per the changing environment, time, and lifestyle, customers expect new things from the business. An insurer, which focuses on the agile methodology, sees competitive differences. Agile methods provide the teams access to launch products and services according to the changing environment. When dealing with the requirements of an agile context, it is appropriate to work with time focus, business focus, user focus and system focus. The agile methodology gives changes and uncertainties affecting organizations, which may be related to markets, technology, requirements, resources, and time. The businesses which focused on the agile methodology prior to the COVID-19, are seeing the competitive advantage they have garnered in recent times.

    2. Employee empowerment:

    Helping employees with a sound understanding of the digital platform and its usage, help the businesses get one step ahead of their competitors. Employees, agents, staff members, brokers are representing the company. They understand the company and customer need better. Sometimes there is a disconnect between what customers see on the online platform and what the employee delivers. To fulfill the expectation of the customer it is important to introduce employees with the technology.

    3. Customer ease and comfort

    Creating a platform, which provides all the required details to the customers along with a customized experience, is crucial to any business’s success today. An integrated technology-stack helps create this tailored experience for the customers. Such a business ecosystem has reshaped the economy, providing better values than its individuals and providing solutions to innovation rapidly. Utilizing the amazing innovation, the business environments can adequately address changes and accomplish results faster on a global scale.


    A Digital-First impression is critical to shaping a brand’s customer experience. As technology changes the way consumers live their lives, it also changes the way they look at the insurance provider. Through the first interaction at the digital platform, the first impression is based on enhanced trust and a good impression in the minds of the customers. This is accompanied by a great customer experience(CX) representing the brand’s value.

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